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About Kimberly

Butterfly Thoughts is a Mental Metamorphosis, better know as Kimberly Neptune. Kim, as she is affectionately called, is an empowerment coach and author. She is a Trinidadian Caribbean queen born in Brooklyn, New York. A beautiful soul with a warm smile, Kim touches the lives of many because of her caring heart.

The mission behind Butterfly Thoughts is to encourage and empower human butterflies with broken wings to find the pieces and mend them together. Also, to help individuals heal and soar into their fullness. Through her books and coaching programs, Kim plans to touch and make a positive impact on each and every life that crosses her path. Through her quotes and words that the Lord has put on her heart and in her mouth, Kim’s purpose will heal the world, one butterfly thought at a time.

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Have you ever heard the saying

“We accept the love we think we deserve”?

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself by take care of yourself. When you least expect it, the right people will come into your life.


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Quotes of a Butterfly


Your worries and fears into this journal.

This is journal that will help you to be open, honest and transparent with yourself. It will keep you accountable for your feeling and emotions.

This book is designed to examine the different perspectives of your life and to

help you to navigate into the right direction. The author invites you to ask heart-

to-heart questions for you to journal on its pages, to enlighten the experiences of

your life and to develop a new mindset.

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"The Butterfly Effect"

the activity journal

This book will nourish your mind and help you heal the child in you. How to heal the past traumas that will expand your broken wings.

As you go through and complete each page in this book allow the adult in you to slowly drift away. Allow the child in you to come out to play and have fun. While it teaches you and gives tools and tricks to being open, honest, and transparent with yourself.

This is a gratitude journal where you begin each day with a positive thoughts and a grateful heart.


"Manifesting with 555 Challenge"

is a self-help book that guides readers on how to manifest their desires using the power of numbers and positive affirmations. The book offers a practical 5-day, 5-week challenge that encourages readers to set intentions and take inspired action towards achieving their goals. With helpful tips and exercises, readers will learn how to tap into their inner power and manifest abundance, joy, and success in their lives.

Affirmation Coloring Book

for children is a delightful combination of color pages, empowering messages, and engaging activities tailored specifically for young minds. Each page features charming drawings or playful designs paired with uplifting affirmations geared towards building confidence, resilience, and positive self-image in children. All the quotes in this book were by children like you.

A gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal with a masculine touch to help you stay present and grateful. It is a powerful tool for anyone looking to cultivate more positivity and happiness.


The Manifestation Book 555 Challenge has been a game changer!!! I saw my reality start to shift the first week using it. It’s all about reprogramming the mind and really attracting new opportunities. The first week I chose to manifest money and girlll I got 3 opportunities to make money apart from my regular income. Love that book! 🔥🤌🏼



The positivity and encouragement I received throughout the journey were genuinely motivating. It made the learning experience not only practical but enjoyable.

Overall, I can’t recommend this service enough. It’s a highly positive and enriching experience that would benefit anyone looking to create, publish, and promote a book. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Kimberly is a valuable resource that guides you every step of the way.



I recently enjoyed working with Kimberly, who guided me through creating my children's book, I Am & You Are Too: The ABC Affirmation Journal. My experience was nothing short of incredible. The entire process was straightforward, thanks to the guidance and expertise of a positive and enthusiastic instructor and the Journal Authoring Program.

-Joia Tyson


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